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The Profound and Intimate Power and Mystery of Prayer
During these forty days I am going through a daily reading plan on the Bible app called Lent for Everyone by N.T. Wright. It is a specific plan written for every day of Lent with scripture taken from the Gospel of Matthew. I chose this one specifically because it is not focused on the Gospel of John. I find it better for me to do my devotional reading out of a text that I am not preaching. Otherwise my personal devotion just becomes sermon prep. Anyway, if you are looking for a reading plan or a way to guide you through Scripture for this season, I have found this to be an excellent resource. I was encouraged this week by Wright’s view on prayer as he reflected on the Sermon on the Mount. He writes:

Prayer is a mystery. I have often heard people saying with a sneer, "It doesn’t go beyond the ceiling, you know." But the point of prayer, at least as Jesus saw it, is that it doesn’t have to.
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