Our Elders

“And when they had appointed elders for them in every church, with prayer and fasting they committed them to the Lord in whom they had believed.” –Acts 14:23

Front: Left to Right: Chris S., Greg B., Michael D., Tim W.

Michael D.

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Michael and his wife Tammy have been members at Conejo since 1993, after moving from Austin, Texas. Michael is an English professor at Pepperdine University, while Tammy is a freelance editor. They have two sons, Tyler (married to Cubbie and living in Chapel Hill, North Caroline) and Jonathan (a recent Pepperdine graduate with a Psychology major).

Greg B.

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Greg and his wife, Lori have been members at Conejo since 2010. They have two daughters, Miranda and Sheridan, who are both attending Abilene Christian University. Lori’s family has been Church of Christ members for several generations and she previously served as the Director of Children’s Ministry for another soCal congregation. Greg was raised in the Lutheran church and then introduced to the Churches of Christ in the mid-1990’s. After serving as a deacon in their previous church, Greg joined the eldership of Conejo in 2016.

Chris S.

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Chris and his family have been members of the Conejo church since 1988. His wife, Sandy, is a gifted teacher who has served in our children’s classrooms, led children’s choruses, and directed musicals. She has also led worship at our women’s retreats. They have three children: Melody, Holly, and Stacy. Chris has been actively involved in worship ministry for several years, serving on related committees, planning services, and leading our worship assemblies. His desire for the Conejo family is that we worship “in spirit and in truth,” praising the Father from our hearts and making our lives themselves an act of worship. Chris has been an elder since fall, 2001. Chris is employed at Pepperdine University, working with web and other media projects, teaching in the Communications Division, and musical directing student productions.

Tim W.

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Tim and his wife, Jan, have been members of Conejo Valley since 1989. Tim teaches Old Testament at Pepperdine University, and Jan teaches English at Oak Park High School. Tim and Jan have three children — Megan is an animator in Vancouver, BC;, Daniel is a professional set designer based in New York City; and Conner is pursuing a teaching career in Boston. Tim has served for several years on the Adult Education Committee. Tim joined the staff of elders in the fall of 2005.