A Prayer for Pentecost

[Editor’s note: Today is Pentecost, the day in which the Holy Spirit fell upon the early gathering of Christians gathered in Jerusalem and marking the birthday of the Early Church. The following prayer, by C. Welton Gaddy, leans into that reality by inviting the Spirit’s ongoing guidance, strength, and comfort.]

Triune God, for the gift of your Holy Spirit, we offer praise and thanks.

Send your Spirit to guide us—teaching us how to live as well as what to believe, leading us through dark valleys as well as along sunny slopes, directing us toward persons in need and places of mission, enabling us to dream, to venture, and to risk in your name.

Send your Spirit to strengthen us—enriching our joy in discipleship, giving us courage to remain faithful to our convictions and loyal in our moral commitments, binding our covenants with one another and with you.

Send your Spirit to comfort us—calming our anxieties, stilling our worries, granting us your loving presence when we feel alone, drying our tears, preventing prolonged grief, assuring us of the resources of faith.

O God of Pentecost, let us live forever in your Spirit—guided, strengthened, and comforted. And may the Christ who taught us of the Spirit be our Lord forever.


Author: conejochurch