Our Lenten sermon theme for this year is “More Than Meets the Eye.” During the next month and a half, we’ll be reflecting on various Biblical characters who encountered God or met Jesus and were chagrined, challenged, and ultimately changed by that encounter.

Join us in person or via YouTube for lessons about God’s work with the following people throughout history:

  • Jacob
  • Jonah
  • Self-assured scribe with Jesus
  • Mary
  • Job
  • Peter

In each of these scriptural stories, we discern that when it comes to God and God’s ways with us, there is always more than meets the eye. God has a way of breaking out of the tidy theological boxes we construct, of caring for people we’ve decided we could write off, of calling us out of complacent grooves. I am prayerful that as we journey through this Lenten season, we will be reminded that there is always more to learn about the Holy One, always more to appreciate, always more to see. Augustine once wrote, “If you understood God, it would not be God.” This quote reminds me of the word “ineffable,” an adjective that means “too great to be expressed or described in words.” I believe that when we speak of God, we speak of the One to whom our words can gesture but never fully contain. May this Lent help us love more deeply the Lord of life whose judgments are unsearchable and whose paths are beyond tracing out.

Andy Wall
Author: Andy Wall