In our fall sermon series, titled “Four Portraits, One Jesus,” we’ll be exploring a gospel each month, listening to what each gospel writer saw in Jesus, while gaining a greater and richer appreciation of who Jesus is for us and for our world.  We’ll spend roughly one month with each gospel, starting with Mark in September, followed by Matthew in October and Luke in November. Following a break for the Advent season, Jack Williamson will help us reflect on John’s gospel in January. 

Each gospel has its own unique slant on Jesus, providing richness and nuance to our understanding and appreciation of his life and ministry. In Mark we hear the sharp call to discipleship and cross-bearing; in Matthew we hear the teacher of Israel call us into God’s Kingdom reign; in Luke we receive God’s welcome to join all peoples at God’s table; and in John, we are invited to love each other in the community of the One from above. But the purpose of all the gospels is to facilitate our encounter with the real Jesus, the risen Lord of life. 

Andy Wall
Author: Andy Wall