This fall, we’re exploring great themes from the book a Acts, a one-of-a-kind writing in the New Testament. Acts narrates select high points of the earliest years of the Christian movement, along with stories of its key leaders and the challenges they faced. In a nutshell, Luke narrates God’s ongoing work in the world to gather humankind as one family in Jesus Christ.

Series Schedule
September 11. Let’s Go! Acts Series Introduction (Acts 1:1-14)
September 18. Wind, Fire, Water: The Day of Pentecost (Acts 2:1-27)
September 25. When You’ve Been With Jesus (Acts 3-4)
October 2. But God Meant it For Good: The Story of Stephen (Acts 6-8)
October 9. From Enemy to Brother: The Story of Saul/Paul (Acts 9)
October 16. The Reluctant Witness: A Second Conversion (Acts 10)
October 23. On the Road Again (Acts 13-14)
October 30. The Downside of Success (Acts 15)
November 6. What’s Your Price? (Acts 17-18)
November 13. All Roads Lead to Rome (Acts 21-26)
November 20. Thank God and Take Courage (Acts 28)

Andy Wall
Author: Andy Wall