This summer, we’re reflecting on the significance and practice of interpersonal communication as it relates to fostering our faith in God and our relationships with one another. Mastering interpersonal communication is all about nurturing those relationships simultaneously.

One of God’s most amazing gifts is the ability to communicate. Throughout the story of Scripture, God communicates with all creation, and humankind in particular. Without the gift of communication we would have no relationships and no community life. From a Christian perspective, the foundational attitude for communication is gratitude.

Human communication is more than simply sending and receiving messages. It’s about the sharing of life, about friendship over loneliness, about flourishing in community. Interpersonal communication for followers of Jesus ultimately concerns gratefully nurturing, repairing, and celebrating life-giving relationships.

Series Schedule
June 12. Gratitude for the gift
June 19. Listening
June 26. Truth-tellingJacob Michael Guest Preaching
July 3. Youth Group Mission Report
July 10. EmpathyKellie Van Atta Guest Preaching
July 17. Encouragement and Exhortation
July 24. TBD
July 31. Conflict Resolution
August 7. Connie Horton Guest Preaching
August 14. Mike Rivas Guest Preaching
August 21. Perception and Perspective
August 28. Persuasion

Andy Wall
Author: Andy Wall