During the first half of  May, we have an opportunity to hear from a variety of voices about the priority of passing faith from generation to generation.
May 1 – Youth-Led Service by Travis and members of the Youth Group
May 8 – Mother’s Day / Infant Dedication Service
May 15 – Shema (Deuteronomy 6:4-6) by Tim Willis

Starting May 22, Jack Williamson will begin and 3-part series titled “What Are We Doing Here?” We’ll be asking the question “What are we doing here?” in the sense of why do we “come to church?” This series will explore reasons and benefits of gathering together not only for Sunday mornings but good reasons for gathering as the church at all. We’ll look at ways in which gathering together for all kinds of occasions benefits our individual and family health, togetherness and faith development.

May 22 – What Are We Doing Here? (Part 1) by Jack Williamson
May 29 – What Are We Doing Here? (Part 2) by Jack Williamson
June 5 – What Are We Doing Here? (Part 3) by Jack Williamson

Andy Wall
Author: Andy Wall