This summer we’re exploring a variety of questions raised in the pages and stories of Scripture in a sermon series titled Living the Questions of Faith.

We humans are an innately curious bunch, always exploring new places, tinkering with better ways of doing things, looking for solutions to life’s challenges, and seeking answers to questions of every sort. This human curiosity is also seen as we seek deeper understandings of God’s workings in the world and a clearer sense of what God desires for our lives.

Small wonder, then, that the Scriptures are full of questions as well: questions God asked of people, questions people asked of God, questions Jesus asked, questions people asked of Jesus, questions Jesus asked in response to people’s questions. The Bible is chock full of questions, profound questions, enduring questions, questions that probe and search us. Even when answers are slow in coming, may we continue to ask, seek, and knock before the Lord as we live the questions of faith.


Andy Wall
Author: Andy Wall