Mountaintop peaks. Valley of the shadow of death lows. Turning points. Watershed moments. Our major life experiences are typically separated by lots of typical days, ordinary weeks, and run-of-the-mill months. And while we’re inclined to see God working in life’s peaks and valleys, it’s also appropriate for us to consider God’s shaping presence in the everyday parts of our lives.

God is as much a part of the ordinary parts of our lives as God is of our mountain peaks and major turning points. This is the thesis of our current series, “The Holy Ordinary,” which draws its inspiration from Tish Harrison Warren’s book, “Liturgy of the Ordinary.” During this summer series, we’ll examine how God meets us and forms us through a variety of everyday moments:
* Waking up
* Making the bed
* Brushing teeth
* Losing keys
* Eating leftovers
* Fighting with my spouse
* Checking email
* Sitting in traffic
* Calling a friend
* Sleeping

Join us as we consider how the greatest truths get lived out in the minutes and hours of our most ordinary days.

Andy Wall
Author: Andy Wall