What reasons might Christians offer for following Jesus in today’s world? What basis of appeal can believers offer among those who don’t share their beliefs or who may be skeptical of Scripture?  In this sermon series, titled “Echoes of the Divine,” we’ll be reflecting on shared human experiences that can provide a starting point for meaningful conversations about faith.

In his book Broken Signposts: How Christianity Makes Sense of the World, NT Wright reflects on seven signposts that give credence to faith. In this sermon series, we’ll reflect on signposts that serve as echoes of God’s voice in the world. These signposts include the following:
* Justice
* Love
* Spirituality
* Beauty
* Freedom
* Truth
* Power

Because of the reality of sin in the world, we experience these signposts as broken or imperfect. For example, we all yearn for meaningful relationships of trust and love; at the same time, we all experience disappointment in our relationships. Or we all desire that the world be a fair and just place, even as we regularly experience frustration and anger at the injustices around us.

In our core, we humans are meaning-seeking, purpose-pursuing creatures.  While we are certainly capable of being distracted by trivialities, our deeper selves strive to understand why we’re here, what our purpose is, and how to live our best and most meaningful lives. In this series, we’ll make the case that Jesus Christ is the one who makes sense of our deepest, shared human longings, embodying the truth to which each of these signposts point us. 

Andy Wall
Author: Andy Wall