When the authors of the Gospels set out to write the story of Jesus, they were mainly writing to Christians–people who basically already knew ”what happened.”  Like many of us, these first gospel readers already believed that Jesus had died to rescue them from sin and death, that he was raised again, and was now the world’s true Lord. With this thought in mind, how would they have read the Gospels? As with us, they probably did not read them to gain new information, or to find out what happened. More likely, they read them as a guide book or set of clues for how they should be living as followers of Jesus in their current situation.

For this series, we will take a look at four passages from the Gospel of Matthew. These stories can help us discover again how to let the power, presence, and leading of Jesus guide us through the times and trails that we are currently facing.

May 17 – Seeking and Finding
May 24 – The Upside of Worry
May 31 – The Sower and Me
June 7 – Living the Shepherd’s Prayer

Jack Williamson
Author: Jack Williamson