Ask anyone about their plans and goals for 2020 as envisioned in January, and they’ll tell you: our plans did not include having to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic and all its aftermath. As our students and teachers return to their virtual classrooms for school and we continue to see event after event cancelled for the fall, many are asking how much longer until there’s a solution? When will this pandemic be curtailed? We need some hope to sustain us and see us through. With this in mind, our late-summer sermon series, titled “The Power of Hope,” will provide a four week exploration of our Christian hope.

In this 4-part series, we’ll explore themes of endurance through beleaguered times, the difference Jesus’ resurrection makes for our hope, anticipating God’s New Creation in an imperfect present, and how our hope in Christ disrupts today’s divided world.

The weekly outline of our Power of Hope sermon series is as follows:
August 16. Hold Fast in Hope
August 23. The Difference the Resurrection Makes
August 30. The Already/Not Yet of God’s New Creation
September 6. The Hope of Unity  

Andy Wall
Author: Andy Wall