I spoke
Words fell
Aimlessly on ears.
One said,
“Your word—
It helped
That day.”

I turned
Forgot I said
that word.
Let me speak
Those words
Helpful words
That I forget.
—Jim Elliot

Several years ago, I walked into a local fast food restaurant for lunch. The woman behind the counter, who looked vaguely familiar, kept staring at me. Finally she asked, “Do you remember me?” After admitting that I couldn’t quite place her, she said, “You were at that church down there and a couple of years ago you helped me. I’m now back on my feet and have been working here for several months. I’d like to thank you for helping me.”

Pleasantly surprised, I racked my brain trying to recall that specific incident. For the life of me, I couldn’t (and still can’t!) remember what I did for her. But she hadn’t forgotten. After I picked up my order and found a seat, she came over with an empty soda cup and said, “This is for a drink—on me! Thanks again for your help!”

This Labor Day weekend, I invite you, or better, challenge you, or better still, double-dog dare you: tell someone who’s worked hard on your behalf, “Thank you.” Tell someone who has been a blessing in your life, “I appreciate you.” Tell someone who has cared for you when you were at a low point, “You really made a difference for me.” Whether or not they remember the kindness they showed to you, they’ll be delighted to know that you do.

Andy Wall
Author: Andy Wall