Becoming part of a small group is a great way to become more involved in this congregation. Our small group fall program is launching over the coming weeks with groups meeting around the Conejo Valley and beyond. These groups meet for a variety of purposes including prayer, Bible study, fellowship, service, mentoring, and outreach. Some groups include children, some are for teens, some are for adults, and some include all generations. If you have questions, please contact Andy Wall or Jack Williamson.

  • College & Recent Graduates
  • Alpha Group (in TO)
  • Alpha Group (for teens)
  • Women’s Bible Study
  • Men’s Group
  • Alpha Group (at Pepperdine)
  • Hungry / Thirsty
  • Conejo Elementary Tutoring
  • TO Small Group
  • Guys Golf Outing
  • Potluck and Singing
  • Crafty Women
  • Family Service Group
Rene Heard
Author: Rene Heard