Summer is a time for deepening friendships, service opportunities, Vacation Bible School, church fellowship events, and summer camps! While we have always treasured friendships and community, it seems that there is a deeper appreciation for the bonds of friendship within our church community following the pandemic. If you are looking for a church family, come worship with us and join us as we seek to learn, grow, and serve together.

Celebration of graduating high school seniors. CVCC provides a wonderful nurturing environment for children from birth through high school. From the Infant Dedication during the first year of a child’s life to the Kindergarten Blessing when children start their formal education to the celebration of graduating high school seniors, the ministers and leaders surround families with love and support.

Vacation Bible School. Each year in June, numerous adults from CVCC work together to create a wonderful experience for our children for a 4-day VBS experience with Bible lessons, memory work, outdoor activities, crafts. This year’s theme is “You’ve Got a Friend in God.” We will begin each evening by sharing a meal then going a variety of classes and activities.

Mission Trip to Mexico. A part of the youth group tradition for over the past 30 years has been for teens who have completed 8th grade to spend a week each summer going to an unfamiliar area and working with and for others. Over the past decade, the church has worked primarily with Amor ministries in Mexico building houses.

This year’s team of 29 students and adults will work in Mexico during the week of June 23 through June 28. Please pray for their safety and team effort to be a blessing to the family in Mexico and the church at Conejo.

Sunday Evening Music Events. During the summer when other major events (like camps, VBS, and mission trips) aren’t happening, CVCC gathers at the building for fellowship events like All-Sing and Ice Cream or concerts with Pepperdine’s group Won By One.

Summer Camps. Members of our Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry as well as many of our adults are encouraged to participate annual youth camps in Idyllwild, CA. Teen Camp is for students who have just been promoted to 8th grade through those who have recently graduated high school. King’s Kamp is for students who have recently been promoted to 4th grade through those who have recently been promoted to 8th grade. These are great weeks for our young people to build friendships with peers and mentors which can last a lifetime.

Family and Friends Outreach Events. As we return to community post-pandemic, we are being intentional about inviting others to come and get to know and become part of the community that meets at CVCC. Details vary monthly but are always spelled out in the weekly Family News bulletin. The next Family and Friends Event is scheduled for Dude Perfect on July 15.

Moms Better Together. The third Friday of each month, moms of all ages and life stages are invited to gather at the church building from 5:45 to 7:45pm to share a meal and have time to encourage one another.

MBT Meetings this summer will take place on the following dates:

  • June 21
  • July 19
  • August 16

Because a meal is provided, it is important that those who want to participate RSVP. Links to RSVP will be posted for each month when they are available.

Pismo Camping Trip. For about 20 years before the pandemic hit, many in our church have enjoyed an annual trip to Pismo Beach. This year we’re going back to the early days where we camp right on the beach and spend time visiting around the campfire, walking on the beach, and riding in the dunes. It’s a very casual outing, and it’s fine to come up for the day or bring your own tent or trailer and stay Monday-Thursday nights.

Hiking Ministry. The Conejo Hiking Trails Ministry hikes once a month in the Ventura County area. Hikers of all levels are welcome. The location varies based on weather. Our focus is fun, faith, fitness, and friendship, to fellowship and enjoy the beautiful gift that God has given us in the wilderness areas and wildlife that surround us. We are dedicated to exploring Ventura County trails and parks, as well as surrounding areas on foot with others in our church and in our community. This ministry meets monthly on the third Saturday of each month.  This ministry is taking a break during the hotter months of June, July, and August.


Game Nights. Periodically, we host game nights at the building on Sunday evenings. It’s a great time to pull out board games and card games and gather for an evening of fun and fellowship. These events generally run about 3 hours and each person is asked to bring their own favorite game(s) and some type of snack to share.

Rene Heard
Author: Rene Heard