During this year’s Lenten season, we are sharing in a sermon series called “Tapestry: Finding Yourself in God’s Story.” Throughout this series, we’ll be exploring seven major types of stories that are found in Scripture (and in literature) and reflecting together on what these stories teach us about our life in God. The series outline is as follows: 

March 1. Series Introduction  A Tale of Two Trees
March 8. Overcoming the MonsterHere Be Dragons
March 15. Rags to RichesZero to Hero
March 22. ComedyWhy Did Sarah Laugh?
March 29. Voyage and ReturnThere and Back Again
April 5. TragedyChoose Wisely!
April 12 (Easter). Quest —  The Odyssey of Faith
April 19. RebirthSpring’s Surprise

God is the master weaver and our lives are the individual threads that are woven throughout his tapestry, often with many twists and turns. As singular threads, we don’t always have the perspective we need to be able to see the grand design of what God is up to; but as participants in God’s story, we catch occasional glimpses that help us see the good God is gradually bringing about in creation and through history. 

Andy Wall
Author: Andy Wall