This week I was thinking about the various messages of the Psalms. They were first written and shared so long ago and yet they seem to be timeless. These ancient writings can still be relevant and strike us as so contemporary! As they lead us to consider the creation, or extol the power and majesty of God our great creator, they move us to worship just as they did their first audience. The Psalms of lament are also still relevant as they give us helpful words and images as we seek to grasp what to say in the midst of crisis and loss. In some ways, it almost seems as though these ancient writings are not ancient at all. We come to the Psalms seeking words to express our feelings and find our souls connecting with ancient words of a people whose writings come from our distant past.

That led me to a strange thought. The Psalms are almost like an ancient ChatGPT –  that artificial intelligence program that will generate answers to any question you pose to it.  Then I had a crazier thought:  ”I wonder what ChatGPT would have to say about Psalms?” So I asked it to generate a Shakespearean type sonnet about the value of the Psalms. Here is the response:

Psalms of old, a sacred tale they weave,
A poet’s heart in verses strong and true
With praise and prayers, they help our souls believe,
In God’s embrace, our spirits they renew.
Each line a hymn, a psalmist’s heartfelt cry,
Expressing joy, lament, and deep despair.
Yet through it all, they point us to the sky,
To seek God’s love, His mercy, and His care.
So let us read these verses, old and wise,
In Shakespearean style, their beauty tell,
For in the Psalms, a timeless truth belies,
A faith that in our hearts forever dwells.
In pages aged, God’s grace and love enthrall,
The Psalms of old, a gift for one and all.

Not bad for artificial intelligence … not bad at all. Out of the mouth of bytes come the praises of the Lord.

Jack Williamson
Author: Jack Williamson