While we’re quarantined, our members are finding ways to connect safely via online communities to share life and encourage one another. Below are the current groups that meet, a brief description of the group, the day and time of the meeting, and the organizer of the group. If you would like to be added to the group, please contact the group leader. If you need help locating the leader’s e-mail address, please contact the church office.

Sunday Evenings
QuaranTEENS (via Zoom), 7:00pm — contact Travis M.
Virtual Crafting Corner (via Skype), 7:00pm — contact Brittany J.

Monday Evenings
Women’s Bible Study (via Zoom), 7:00pm — contact Paula M.

Tuesday Evenings
Men’s Bible Study (via Zoom), 7:00pm — contact Mike R.

Wednesday Evenings
REFRESH (via Zoom), 6:30pm — contact Travis M.
Hungry-Thirsty Bible study (via Zoom), 6:45pm — contact Andy W.

Thursday Evenings
Thousand Oaks Life Group (via Zoom), 7:00pm — contact Bill F.

Saturday Evenings
Enneagram study (via Zoom), 6:00pm — contact Brittany J.


Rene Heard
Author: Rene Heard