During our annual 40-Day Spiritual Adventure, also known as the season of Lent, we encourage all members to challenge themselves to stretch and grow spiritually. This is a time of heightened intentionality within the church as we prepare ourselves for the great celebration of Easter. We provide suggestions and ideas that you can choose from to help focus you on your spiritual journey.

  • Read the gospel of Luke
  • Memorize a portion of Psalm 103
  • Participate in a variety of fasts
  • Volunteer for opportunities to serve in our community
  • Work on interpersonal reconciliation
  • Reach out to encourage those who are lonely

There is a 40-Day Spiritual Adventure Commitment Sheet that you may print off and keep on your desk to encourage your participation throughout this season. Please click here for the printable commitment sheet.

There will be a variety of ways to remember and experience the life-changing story of Jesus as he faced his crucifixion, death, burial, and resurrection.

March 27 — Passover Seder
Suzanne S. invites members who are interested and (1) have been vaccinated [by March 20] or (2) who have already had Covid-19 to attend the Passover Seder that she will be hosting. This event will take place in person and inside (in a well-ventilated area). If you are interested, please contact Suzanne.

March 28 — Palm Sunday
I will make / place palm branches on the front door of my house to celebrate Palm Sunday. If you participate in this, please send photos of your palm branches with members of your family to the Rene for use in the church announcements and church bulletin.

April 2 — Family Good Friday Experience
Please click here to access the sign-up list for the Family Good Friday Experience. Please indicate the following so that we can be prepared to welcome each family and maintain appropriate social distancing throughout the event:
(1)  Family name
(2)  Start time (we will have a staggered start time to ensure proper distancing)
(3)  Number of children coming with you for the event
(4)  Food Allergies
(5)  Contact Information

April 2 — Virtual Good Friday service via YouTube
We will be observing our annual Good Friday service via YouTube on Friday, April 2 at 9pm. Make plans to join together as we remember the story of Jesus’ journey to the cross as portrayed by various characters who witnessed these momentous events.

April 4 — Easter Sunrise Service, 6:30am
Easter morning, you are invited to join us in the back yard area of the church property at 6:30am for a sunrise service celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We ask that you bring chairs to spread out for appropriate distancing and wear masks as we do for all back yard gatherings.

April 4 — YouTube Easter Celebration Service, 10:00am
Join us for our Easter Celebration Service via YouTube Livestream at 10:00am. In this service, we will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday some 2000 years ago.

Rene Heard
Author: Rene Heard