God has blessed us so that we can be a blessing in the lives of others. Click any heading below to learn about that  opportunity to serve people in the area.

Helping Hands Community Food Pantry
This is an ongoing opportunity to partner with a nearby Messianic temple in distributing food to people who are needing help.

Family Service Group
This is an ongoing opportunity to join a group of young families to do at least one service-related activity per month.

Conejo Elementary School Tutoring (Zoom)
This opportunity will begin in the early weeks of October 2022. Please click the bold blue heading above for additional information about this group. Our church has a long history with this ministry.

Senior Concerns
Senior Concerns is collecting nonperishable items to distribute to seniors at their home as needed. Please click the heading above to connect to the list of current needs.


Rene Heard
Author: Rene Heard