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Balance Versus Rhythm
We’re spending a month thinking about the Seasons of Faith. Author and minister Mark Buchanan wrote a book titled “Spiritual Rhythm” that has provided much food for thought in preparation for this series. One of the ways in which he has challenged me relates to the subject of balance. I’m taken with Aristotle’s ethics of the “Golden Mean,” which seeks to find the balance between excess on one end and deficiency on the other. For example, contentment is the golden mean between greed and lethargy. I’m also a big fan of seeking to live a balanced life, and of cultivating healthy work-life balance. Buchanan argues that as important as balance is, we also need the rhythm (and intentional imbalance) that seasons bring. Consider the following quote:

Everyone seeks balance. Everyone longs for that magical combining of rest and play and work that, once found, will make life simple, elegant, easy: balanced. Where is the perfect middle, the right proportion of duty and freedom, church and job, neighbors and family, time for others and time for me?

There is none. It is no more to be found than unicorns or perfect churches.
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Sat, Aug 19, 2017
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