City of Children
Several Conejo members will be visiting the City of Children in Mexico on April 8-10. This semi-annual trip has become a favorite short-term mission adventure for both individuals and families.
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Preschool Valentine Party
All infants, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and their parents are invited to join us on Saturday, February 6 at 10:30 a.m. at the church building for a Valentine Party. RSVP requested. > click for pictures

High School Winter Retreat
On Friday, February 26, we plan to leave Thousand Oaks and head to the Katch Family's home in Mammoth for our annual Winter Retreat. Make arrangements now with your school for leaving early that day. > High School Winter Retreat

Intersections Class
This winter, our Sunday morning adult education program will explore the intersection of Christ and Culture, the crossroads of our faith and our life in the world. > Click for more

Online Spiritual Gifts Inventory
As part of our ministry emphasis this year, we are making available an online spiritual gifts inventory. Follow the links to identify your areas of ministry gifting and passion. > Click for more

Sundays: 8:00 AM & 10:45 AM Services
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The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
Are we humans inherently good or evil? Are we basically good people who occasionally do bad things, or evil people who occasionally do good things? Your answer to this question impacts everything from your views on parental discipline, the criminal justice system, whom to vote for, and where to live.

English philosopher Thomas Hobbes took the pessimistic view of human nature, arguing that the “natural” state of man was beast-like. He wrote that primitive human life was “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short” and believed that it is human civilization that can deliver us from our beast-like depravity. This viewpoint is illustrated in William Golding’s “The Lord of the Flies”: the boys living on the island without the benefit of “civilized” adults descend quickly into a brutish existence.

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Thu, Feb 11, 2016
  •  Agoura Hills Small Group Bible Study
  •  Conejo Elementary School Tutoring
  • Sat, Feb 13, 2016
  •  Saturdays at Seven
  • Sun, Feb 14, 2016
  •  "Walking with God" Seminar
  •  First Worship Service
  •  Bible Classes for all ages
  •  Second Worship Service
  • Mon, Feb 15, 2016
  •  Guys' Group
  •  Women's Bible Study
  • Wed, Feb 17, 2016
  •  Parents of Teens Group
  •  Hungry/Thirsty Bible Study

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